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Surrendering your pet

The choice to surrender a dog isn’t an easy one and should never be taken lightly.

If you adopted your dog from a shelter, rescue, or purchased him from a breeder, your signed contract may require that you return him there should you need to relinquish ownership. If so, abide by this agreement. Some owners prefer to personally rehome their dog, and should do so responsibly. Rehoming a dog takes planning, patience, and effort. Finding the ideal family can take weeks to months of hard work. Spaying, neutering, and updating vaccinations prior to rehoming can make your pet more adoptable. Thoroughly interview any potential adopter to determine the best match. 

Can we help?

Our rescue receives an enormous number of surrender requests daily. We want you to be able to keep your pet and will help you find solutions if at all possible. If all solutions are exhausted, we may able to take your dog with certain guidelines. For example:

*We must have a foster home available for your dog.

We absolutely will not take a surrendered dog and put him in a boarding facility to wait for a foster home.

* If your dog is not dog/cat friendly, a foster home with no dogs/cats would be needed.

* If your dog has special needs such as medical or behavioral, we would need a foster suited to take care of the needs. 

* If your dog has a bite history or has been aggressive towards people, we will not accept it into our rescue.


Is your pet displaying unwanted behaviors? Instead of rehoming we can suggest some training options, some local trainers, or possibly help with certain behaviors. Sometimes the solution to keeping your dog is a matter of getting a little financial help with some medical care. We can suggest low cost options for medical services. If funds are available, we can help with vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm treatment, or help you say goodbye to your beloved pet. 

If we accept your dog into Rudy's Rescue, an Owner Surrender form must be filled out and signed legally releasing ownership of your dog. A donation would help provide for the cost of food and medical needs for your dog while in our care.


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